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Established in 2004, Restaurant Extra Super Tanker takes its inspiration from the culinary culture of Mainland China and offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with a twist of Hakka flavours 

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Our Story

文华轩 Mun Wah Hin  Culture, Chinese, Pavilion; as our Cantonese name represents, has the vision for our customers to embark on a culinary journey when dining at any one of our popular Chinese restaurants. We aim to serve the best delicacies, using the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that the traditions of Cantonese cuisine prevail.

The restaurant’s English name – Restaurant Extra Super Tanker, is purposely distinct and unique with no direct translation from its Cantonese name. Its stand-out difference serves as a perfect conversational piece for customers to remember and talk about.

Authentic Cuisine

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Fresh & Innovative

Our Executive Chef

Led by Chef Chin, the Executive Chef, and founder, otherwise more fondly known as Ah Wah Gor, has over 30 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry. His parents, who used to own a hawker stall, were his inspiration to become a chef.

As with many Chinese chefs, Ah Wah Gor began his culinary career at a popular Chinese chain restaurant. He gradually worked his way up the kitchen hierarchy and even developed a loyal customer following. Ah Wah Gor then made the career-changing decision to venture off and start his own Chinese restaurant in PJ, with the added benefit of flexibility in creating his own dishes. The kitchen is definitely Ah Wah Gor’s domain where he personally designs all of his kitchens to fit his cooking style.

To this day, the passion and dedication Ah Wah Gor exudes are admirable. One would often find him crouched on a little stool next to an aluminum basin, lovingly cleaning sea cucumbers – his therapeutic escape after a busy service session in the kitchen.

Ah Wah Gor believes that cooking is an art and every dish has its own unique flavour. He stresses that there are no shortcuts in becoming a successful chef other than being patient, hardworking, and having the willingness to learn. To see his customers enjoy and appreciate his dishes gives him a sense of satisfaction and happiness as a chef.

For Events

Contemporarily designed with accents of our Chinese heritage, step into one of the best Chinese restaurants in PJ and enjoy our classic Cantonese cuisine. Ample dining spaces are spaciously positioned to welcome large events or private get-togethers.

Fitted with a 400 person capacity ballroom and seven private dining rooms, our event spaces are flexible and versatile to cater to the different needs of our customers.

Corporate Events

Event Staffling

Wedding Meals

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