Lead by Head Chef and founder of Restaurant Extra Super Tanker, Chef Chin commonly known as “Ah Wah Gor”, has over 30 years of experience in the F&B industry. His parents, who used to own a hawker stall when he was young, influenced him into becoming a chef. Chef Chin believes that cooking is an art and every dish has its own unique flavour that changes depending on the chef. He stresses that there is no shortcut in becoming a successful chef other than being patient, hardworking and having a willingness to learn. To see his customers enjoy and appreciate his dishes give him a sense of satisfaction and happiness as a chef.

陈师傅,或者更为人所知的 “华哥”,是文华轩的总厨兼发源人。备受小时候父母曾今是小贩的影响,陈师傅踏足饮食业已久,拥有将近30年的烹饪经验。他相信烹饪是一种艺术而每位厨师烹调出来的菜肴都有他们独一无二的味道。要想成为一名出色的厨师是没有捷径的,需要耐心,毅力和勤劳,三者合一才能成为一位成功的厨师。看到客户喜欢并且赞赏他所烹调出来的美食能给予他一种满足感也是他成为厨师的动力。