Established in 2004, Restaurant Extra Super Tanker takes its inspiration from the culinary culture of Mainland China and offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with a twist of Hakka flavours 

 文华轩 Mun Wah Hin  Culture, Chinese, Pavilion; as our Cantonese name represents, has the vision for our customers to embark on a culinary journey when dining at any one of our popular Chinese restaurants. We aim to serve the best delicacies, using the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that the traditions of Cantonese cuisine prevail.

The restaurant’s English name – Restaurant Extra Super Tanker, is purposely distinct and unique with no direct translation from its Cantonese name. Its stand out difference, serves as a perfect conversational piece for customers to remember and talk about.  

  • Chinese Restaurant in KL Private Dining Rooms
  • Private Dining Room Chinese Restaurant in KL
  • Chinese Restaurant in KL Private Dining Rooms